Sustainable face masks designed for your business and brand

We're getting back in business again. Standard face masks aren't sustainable and the look isn't what you want for your business or brand. That's why we developed sustainable and comfortable face masks with a perfect fit. And we make them in every branded design you like in small and large volumes.

Branded face masks

As a Dutch company our roots lies in sustainable tailor made corporate work wear and promotional wear. Our customers had a growing demand for mouth caps. So we used our expertise to developed the best models possible. And we wanted it to be 'Izzy Branding style'. That means our face masks had to be sustainable, locally produced, of high quality and with a perfect fit. And foremost they have to be beautiful.

All thinkable branded designs

We design our face masks in all thinkable razor sharp and all over branded designs. So the Izzy Face Masks are ideal for businesses and brands who need or want to wear face masks in a positive, sustainable and fashioanable manner.

    Sustainable, washable, breathable and a perfect fit

    We produce our face masks with great care. We use eco friendly  fabrics and coloring pigments which are endless machine washable at every temperature. The face masks have a good close fit to the face. We design and produce locally in the Netherlands and Europe.

    The benefits of the Izzy Face Masks

    • available in every branded design
    • reusable and machine washable at every temperature
    • sustainale, comfortable, skin friendly and very breathable
    • perfect fit, close to the face
    • double layered for extra protection and still very breathable
    • available in 2 sizes: Large, Medium
    • fast delivery of around 5 working days in flexible quantities
    • a smashing and positive look for your business or brand

    Sustainable, durable and fashionable

    Our mouth caps are professional and locally produced with utmost care and made of sustainable, skin friendly and very breathable eco friendly fabrics and coloring pigments. They have a good close fit to the face, are reuseable and endless washable at any temperature.