The Izzy Cover© Safety made beautiful

If you use certified paper face masks but you don't want the medical look, we've developed the unique Izzy Cover©. The Izzy Izzy Cover© goes over the paper mask and looks awesome. It's comfortable, feather light and it fits perfectly over any certified paper mask. The Izzy Cover© offers maximum safety with a smashing fashionable look to represent your business or brand.

Sustainable and comfortable with the right look

The Izzy Cover© is a reusable, washable, featherlight and comfortable cover which fits perfectly over  all certified FFP and IIR disposable masks. The Izzy Cover© can be made with every thinkable design or branding.

Benefits of the Izzy Cover©

  • maximum safety with a smashing fashionable look.
  • fits perfectly over every certified paper mask and doesn't effect the breathability in any way
  • comfortable, breathable, feather light and endless washable at every temperature
  • every design and every branding possible
  • available in 2 sizes: Large, Medium
  • fast delivery of around 5 business days in flexible quantities

Maximum Safety

The Izzy Cover© offers business and brands maximum and certified safety with a smashing fashionable and representative look. This is because the Izzy Cover© fits perfectly and comfortable over every certified paper mask. Safety therefore is defined by the certified mask under the Izzy Cover©.